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Active Rehabilitation – How Much is Too Much?

With temperatures starting to rise again, more and more people are out enjoying the weather and being active.  With this increase in activity…
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Speeding up Athletes’ Recovery ✴ Guest blog post by Dr. JEFFREY TUCKER, D.C.

After failing again and again with the same physical therapy or chiropractic adjustment, you’ll need to find another way to get relief from…
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Theralase Laser Technology – The Magic Lamp? ✴ Guest blog post by Dr. JAMES W. GREGG, D.C.

I first met “Shorty” when he came to the office for severe frozen shoulder. There he was sitting on the table with his…
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Natural, Drug-free Pain Management ✴ Guest blog post by Dr. JEFFREY TUCKER, D.C.

If I can use anything to reduce inflammation, improve the normal responses to healing, impact mitochondria (regulate metabolism and ATP energy production) and…
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Treating Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy

Canadians are said to be suffering through a chronic pain epidemic. Pain is a major concern for seniors, many of whom are already…
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