Theralase Laser Technology – The Magic Lamp? ✴ Guest blog post by Dr. JAMES W. GREGG, D.C.

I first met “Shorty” when he came to the office for severe frozen shoulder. There he was sitting on the table with his ear stuck to his shoulder in pain and totally locked up. After finding out what happened (years of hard work) and that his shoulder had just gotten worse I tried to examine him. Anywhere we touched he shouted out in pain. The neck, traps, rotator cuff, you mention it he hurt.  I knew there was no way we could physically get him moving so I took my Activator, lightly adjusted his neck and shoulder and applied the TLC-1000 to him for multiple spots.  We did this 3 times a week for a few weeks and visit by visit he loosened up, had less pain. As the pain lessened I was able to get my hands on him to adjust his neck and free the shoulder proper.  After 4 weeks he was not fully better but he was living again. “I’m a LIFER” he said. I asked what did that mean? He replied “I’m coming for life, I’m a believer and you have me for life!”  I said that was awesome and we kept at it.

One day the phone rings and my assistant tells me that a new patient referral was booking to get some “LAMP.”   When she arrived, Susan who had been told she had fibromyalgia told me that Shorty had sent her to get some of that “Magic Lamp.”  I was thrilled to get the referral, as my office is 100% referrals and thus no advertising expenses which is AWESOME!   I asked Susan if she meant the Theralase Laser and she said whatever the red light lamp Shorty was on. I belly laughed and said sounds good.

Susan said “ If you were able to get rid of Shorty’s cane, then you have my confidence.” I asked “what cane????”  Susan replied that Shorty walked with a can for the last 20 years and there he was at the town Honky Tonk dancing away telling everyone about the “Magic  Lamp”.   I said to Susan that I never  knew he had a cane before. She said that “Oh ya, and everyone at the dance was mind blown and is ready to come in!”

You see, Shorty had asked me after his shoulder was feeling better if it helped knees so we did some laser visit on his knees and thus….. NO MORE CANE!  To top it all off, sure enough, the phone began ringing with referral after referral after referral. Each and every one of them, asking for some of “Shorty’s Lamp.”

We see this everyday in our office. Lives changing for the better, and people referring others every day. It truly is a great way to practice every day knowing that we are changing lives with all natural drug free Super Pulsed laser in a “Win Win” for our patients and our practice. Five years, and countless referrals later, Shorty visits us every week for what he calls his “Magic Lamp”, and yes……He is still dancing the night away, with no cane.

Dr. James Gregg, D.C., MP2, F.I.C.P.A

Gregg Chiropractic Life Centre
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Image copyright: Eraxion / 123RF Stock Photo