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Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy (“CLT”) can provide significant pain-relief for your patients; thus, increasing your revenue by providing an additional billable service.


I am a Veterinarian

Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy (“CLT”) can provide significant pain-relief for your animal patients; thus, increasing your revenue by providing an additional billable service  for veterinarians and equine specialists.


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Theralase® treatments provide elimination of pain for patients presenting with knee conditions and when used off-label elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and acceleration of tissue healing for numerous nerve, muscle and joint conditions.


Safe, Effective and Non-Invasive Pain Relief

What is Cool Laser Therapy?

Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy ("CLT") medical devices are clinically indicated and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and Health Canada for the safe and effective treatment of knee pain. Theralase® CLT devices are used off-label to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue healing to treat a broad range of nerve, muscle and joint conditions. Theralase® increases customer satisfaction by providing one of the most advanced therapeutic laser technology devices in the market, supported by scientific and clinical research, comprehensive training programs and the most up-to-date clinical protocols to ensure therapeutic success.

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How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Cool Laser Therapy ("CLT"), also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (“LLLT”) or PhotoBioModulation (“PBM”), has been actively used and researched for nearly 60 years. To date, there are more than 4,000 published studies worldwide involving CLT, with approximately 400 of those being double-blind randomized controlled studies.

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Cellular Pathway Activation

Theralase® utilizes dual-wavelength, superpulsed laser technology (660 nm visible red laser diodes and 905 nm superpulsed Near Infra Red (“NIR”) laser diodes) to activate all three known cellular pathways, simultaneously. Laser light is able to penetrate tissue; where, laser light energy is converted into biochemical energy.


Eliminates Pain

Eliminates Pain
Lipid Absorption Pathway

Theralase® laser technology effectively removes the pain signal at the source by rebalancing the sodium potassium pump in nerve cells.

Pain results when a stimulus causes action potentials to rapidly propagate along a nerve cell. Actions potentials are primarily due to an influx of sodium (Na+) ions into the nerve cell and potassium (K+) ions out of the cell, altering the electrical potential across the cellular membrane. The 905 nm laser light activates receptors within the membrane leading to increased porosity of the cellular membrane and altering the flow of Na+ and K+ ions. The opening of these channels allows the flow of Na+ ions back out and K+ ions back in the cell, helping to rebalance ion levels and restore a resting state to the cell. This change in electron gradient across a nerve cell can stop the propagation of impulses across the cell and remove pain signals at source.

Peak Activation by 905 nm
NIR Laser Light

Reduces Inflammation

reduces inflammation
Nitric Oxide ("NO") Pathway

Independent scientific and pre-clinical research has demonstrated that the proprietary Theralase® 905 nm super pulsed laser technology increases the production of Nitric Oxide (“NO”) by over 700%, increasing vasodilation and decreasing inflammation versus other competitive wavelengths.

The inner lining of blood vessels utilize NO to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax (become flaccid), thus resulting in vasodilation and increased blood flow ( increased oxygen supply) to the area. This, ultimately, results in decreased inflammation. Furthermore, increasing blood flow to injured tissue will accelerate the body’s natural healing process, deliver nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to the injury site and eliminating toxins or waste by-products created during the inflammatory process.

Activated by 905 nm
NIR Laser Light

Accelerates Healing

accelerates healing
Adenosine Triphosphate ("ATP") Pathway

Theralase® stimulates the mitochondria of the cell to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (“ATP”), or basic cell energy, to accelerate tissue repair.

Laser light is absorbed in the mitochondria of the cell, specifically by cytochrome c oxidase within the respiratory chain, leading to the release of ATP (i.e.: energy) and Nitric Oxide (“NO”), and the modulation of Reactive Oxygen Species (“ROS”). Mitochondria in stressed or ischemic tissues produces mitochondrial nitric oxide (“mtNO”) that binds to cytochrome c oxidase competitively displacing oxygen and leading to oxidative stress and reduced ATP production. Laser light, when applied to injuries, is absorbed by cytochrome c oxidase displacing mtNO and thereby reducing oxidative stress and increasing ATP production. Subsequently, a cascade of downstream metabolic effects lead to a reduction in inflammatory markers and accelerated tissue repair.

Peak Activation by 660 nm
Visible Red Laser Light

The Benefits of Cool Laser Therapy

  • Safety

    Unlike Class 4 laser systems, which mode of action is to heat tissues, Class 3b Theralase® CLT technology does not generate any appreciable heat; therefore, poses very little thermal risk to tissue. Theralase® laser systems are non-invasive and pain-free, with no known side effects or discomfort to patients.

  • Efficacy

    Theralase® treatments produce efficacy rates of > 90% and often generate immediate results. More than 4,000 clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Cool Laser Therapy.

  • Powerful Alternative for Pain Medication

    Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy (“CLT”) treatments are safe and effective alternatives to oral analgesics, corticosteroid injections and opiate pain medications, which have the potential to be highly addictive, relatively toxic, prone to overdose and in extreme cases of opiod abuse, death.

  • Business Advantage

    Theralase® laser systems provide safe and effective treatments, helping your practice generate additional revenue and attract new patients.

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