Therapeutic Laser Series TLC-1000

Healing at the Speed of Light®

laser therapy for pain TLC 1000


Theralase® CLT systems have received full clearance by all major regulatory agencies for the treatment of knee pain. Its effectiveness as a CLT system has been demonstrated through successful patient treatments in healthcare clinics around the world, supported by evidence established through over 4,000 clinical studies.  An example of this evidence was a clinical study ("Laser Therapy Applications for Chronic Joint Pain") submitted to the FDA by Theralase®  to demonstrate the application of laser therapy for chronic joint pain. This randomized, blinded placebo controlled clinical study was completed with the objective of evaluating  the Theralase® CLT as a treatment method  for knee pain.  The data obtained in the clinical study clearly demonstrated that the Theralase® CLT system provided significant pain relief in chronic knee pain.


TLC-1000 Configurations

Theralase® professional grade superpulsed 905 nm NIR and 660 nm visible red CLT system accelerates healing by eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue healing.

laser therapy TLC 1000 controller

TLC-1000 Controller

  • Portable light weight design.
  • NiMH battery operated (rechargeable)
  • Real time optical detector measures the amount of 905 nm laser diode optical power emitted from the laser probe
  • Able to program, Energy, Average Power and / or Treatment Time
  • Displays treatments in your preferred units of measure (Energy or Energy Density)
  • Retains up to 256 patient protocols in memory
laser therapy TLC 1000 multiple probe

TLC-900 Multiple Probe

  • 5 x 905 nm NIR laser diodes (100 mW average power, 50,000 mW peak power)
  • 4 x 660 nm visible red laser diodes (25 mW average power)
  • Treatment Area: 20 cm2
laser therapy TLC 1000 triple probe

TLC-300 Triple Probe

  • 1 x 905 nm NIR laser diode (100 mW average power, 50,000 mW peak power)
  • 2 x 660 nm visible red laser diode (25 mW average power)
  • Treatment Area: 3 cm2
laser therapy TLC 1000 single probe

TLC-100 Single Probe

  • 1 x 905 nm near infrared laser diode (collimated) (100 mW average power, 50,000 mW peak power)
  • Treatment Area: 0.1 cm2
laser therapy TLC 1000
Theralase® TLC-1000 Series includes hard case, 2 pair of protective glasses and Operation Manuals.
laser therapy TLC 1000 package

Additional Accessories

Theralase laser treatment TLC 1000 hard carrying case

Hard Carrying Case

A wonderful addition to an existing TLC-2000 system, an additional probe allows you to treat more than one condition at the same time, or treat multiple patients concurrently, driving revenue and patient satisfaction.
Theralase laser treatment TLC 1000 roll stand

Roll Stand

Adding an additional tablet to an existing TLC-2000 system allows you to streamline your treatments by having front-desk staff enter patient data prior to treatment.
Theralase laser treatment TLC 1000 hair separator

Hair Separator

Adding a second power pack to your TLC-2000 system allows you to expand your laser therapy practice and treat patients in multiple locations in your clinic.
Theralase laser treatment TLC 1000 laser safety eyewear

Laser Safety Eyewear

Adding additional straps to your TLC-2000 system supports hands-free applications when treating your patients.
theralase TLC-1000 laser safety eye cups

Laser Safety Eye Cups

This indestructible and waterproof medical laser case protects your Theralase® system from damage during transport.

Dimensions: 18.06” x 12.89” x 6.72” (45.9 cm x 32.7 cm x 17.1 cm).

theralase TLC-1000 probe protective cover

Probe Protective Cover

This specially designed eyewear protects patients and practitioners from 660 nm and 905 nm laser light wavelengths during treatment.
theralase TLC-1000 acupuncture acu-point locator

Acupuncture Acu-Point Locator

Laser safety eye cups are designed to cover the eye to ensure zero light penetration. For use with laser therapy treatments delivered close to the eye.
theralase TLC-1000 manual


A versatile accessory, the hair separator ensures that all energy being transmitted by your TLC-2000 system reaches the surface of the skin, leading to improved outcomes for your patients.
theralase TLC-1000 animal fur separator

Animal Fur Separator

Probe holders conveniently support your TLC-2000 system, protecting your investment and providing you with easy access to the tools you need to deliver laser therapy treatments to your patients.
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