Theralase’s Latest Research on Anti-Cancer Technology Accepted for Presentation at International Conference

Toronto, Ontario, January 29, 2015 / Theralase Technologies Inc. (“Theralase”) (TLT:TSXV) (TLTFF: OTC Pink(R)) announced today that its latest research on its lead Photo Dynamic Compound (“PDC“) TLD-1433 binding to transferrin has been accepted for presentation at the 15th International Photodynamic Association (“IPA“) / Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (“SPIE“) Biophotonics Conference taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from May 22 to 26, 2015.

The IPA was founded in 1986. Its membership consists of the most prominent international clinicians and scientists involved in performing and researching Photo Dynamic Therapy (“PDT“) and Photo Diagnosis (“PD“). The purpose of the IPA is promote the study of diagnosis and treatment using light and PDCs, to disseminate such information to the members of the IPA, the medical community and to the general public. The IPA organises an International Congress every two years, which is a unique opportunity to sum up research activities in the clinical and basic research aspects of PDT.

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, was founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. Serving more than 256,000 constituents from approximately 155 countries, the not-for-profit society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, career and professional growth. SPIE annually organizes and sponsors approximately 25 major technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. The event in Brazil is the first SPIE event in South America.

The scientific data pertaining to Theralase’s discovery that Ruthenium based medicine, including TLD-1433, are enhanced in their physical characteristics upon binding to transferrin has been peer reviewed and selected for presentation.

Overexpression of transferrin receptors (“TfR“) for a variety of cancers has been scientifically documented and is attributed to the malignant transformation of normal cells into cancer cells.

Theralase’s recent scientific research has demonstrated that Theralase’s lead PDC, TLD-1433, when combined with human transferrin, dramatically increases the targeting mechanism of TLD-1433 towards cells overexpressing TfR, primarily cancer cells; hence, further increasing the efficacy and safety of TLD-1433 in destroying these cancer cells.

Theralase’s latest scientific research has shown that TLD-1433 directly bound to transferrin results in significant enhancements of TLD1433’s biomedical properties and its efficacy in the destruction of cancer cells:

  • — More than doubles the maximum tolerated dose of TLD-1433 (greater payloads of TLD-1433 to cancer cells and thus higher efficacy)

    — Photobleaching (loss of efficacy) resistance and reactive oxygen species (PDC potency) production are both increased resulting in longer photoactivation of the PDC and higher efficacy due to an improved therapeutic ratio (increased cancer cell kill)

    — Increased absorption in green light resulting in higher efficacy and new absorption in the red and Near Infra Red (“NIR“) wavelengths (greater efficacy at increasing tissue depths with an ability to destroy deeper tumours)

    — Reduced dark toxicity (cell kill in the absence of light activation) resulting in higher margins of safety for healthy tissues (higher therapeutic ratio)

Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer of Theralase stated that, “We are delighted that our latest research will be presented and discussed on the international stage. This only goes to underscore the significance that this major scientific discovery has made on the scientific community, demonstrating improved targeting, efficacy and therapeutic outcomes of Theralase’s lead PDC in the destruction of cancer cells and tumours preclinically. This research will be evaluated in a Health Canada Clinical Trial Application (“CTA“) / Food and Drug Administration (“FDA“) Investigational New Drug (“IND“) application for Phase I / II a evaluation in a human clinical trial for Non Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (“NMIBC“) later this year.”

Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase stated that, “I am pleased that our team’s hard work is being recognized and validated by their international peers. Combining naturally occurring transferrin with our PDCs significantly increases the targeting of Theralase PDCs and thus provides a significant increase in efficacy and safety in the destruction of cancer.”

About Theralase Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1994, Theralase Technologies Inc. (“Theralase(R)“) (TSXV: TLT) (TLTFF: OTC Pink(R)) designs, manufactures and markets patented super-pulsed laser technology used for the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing. Theralase has sold over 1,200 systems to licensed healthcare practitioners, including: medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic therapists. Theralase has been so successful in healing nerve, muscle and joint conditions in clinical practice that Theralase’s scientists and clinicians have now turned their attention to investigating the application of its lasers in the destruction of cancer, using specially designed molecules called Photo Dynamic Compounds (“PDCs“), which are able to localize to the cancer cells and when light activated, destroy them.

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