Theralase – Participating in Bladder Cancer Walk 2019

Theralase® is proud to support the Bladder Cancer Canada annual awareness walk.

Bladder Cancer Canada is the first and only Canadian patient advocacy organization dedicated to bladder cancer issues.

Bladder cancer is the fifth most common cancer worldwide and approximately 241,000 new cases of bladder cancer will be diagnosed in Canada, the United States and Europe this year 1.

Theralase’s lead cancer indication, currently being evaluated in a Phase II clinical study is Bacillus Calmete Guérin (“BCG”)-Unresponsive Carcinoma In-Situ (“CIS”) Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (“NMIBC”). These PhotoDynamic Compounds (“PDC”) are able to hunt and penetrate preferentially into cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact, and when laser light activated destroy the cancer cells safely and effectively with minimum to no side effects.

If this pivotal study is proven successful, it will lead to a safe and effective treatment option for patients presenting with devastating disease.

When a patient hears the word “cancer”, they automatically associate this term with pain, stress, an inability to enjoy the things they love, expense, loss of time and a finite mortality to their once vibrant lives.

Their primary thought fixates upon how they rid themselves of this devastating disease once and for all, before it deprives them of everything and everyone they love.

That is why Theralase’s has made their mission statement “Destroying Cancer at the Speed of Light TM”. Our mission is to destroy a patient’s cancer as safely and effectively as possible in the minimum amount of time required.

Please support Bladder Cancer Canada to help bring awareness to bladder cancer, to build support for research and patient care, and more importantly bring hope for the future.

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