The No Pill Pain Solution – Cold Laser Therapy

Many of us suffer from some sort of ache or pain. Often times chiropractic treatment can help improve symptoms and alleviate pain but some pains need to be addressed with different techniques.  Pains such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, neck pain and back pain are often helped by Cold Laser Therapy/LLLT.

Cold laser has been recommended by Dr. Oz as a non-invasive way to treat pain.  There are also many new studies on the effectiveness of cold laser especially when treating acute injuries such as sprains and strains.  Cold Laser Therapy is FDA approved and has been proven to relieve tingling, muscle weakness and loss of sensation.  The idea of Cold Laser Therapy is similar to that of Ultrasound Therapy but most believe it to be less traumatic to the body and the result is a quicker recovery time.

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. When converted to chemical energy, it can be used by the cells to accelerate the normal rate of tissue healing, thus blood flow is increased, swelling is decreased and muscle elasticity is improved helping to reduce pain.  The laser can touch the skin but is painless.  It often takes 3-5 consecutive sessions of 10-20 minute treatments before results are seen but some people notice a difference after the first session.  (Acute injuries such as sprains and strains often see the fastest results sometimes after just one session.  More chronic pain may take several consecutive days of treatment before results are seen.)

Cold Laser Therapy is offered in our office (15-20 min session for $45) and we have seen great results.  Patients find cold laser gives them relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pains, back and neck pain.  Below is a quote from one of our patients.

“Several years ago, my orthopedic surgeon said all he could do for my carpal tunnel in both wrists was surgery. Cortisone shots were not working and I was sleeping every night in pain even while wearing wrist supports. Dr. Mostyn told me about cold laser therapy she was using. I did come to the office 4 days in a row at first then weekly then eventually monthly. I have been using cold laser monthly for probably three years and have had little symptoms of carpal tunnel with no surgery!! I am very thankful to Dr. Mostyn for introducing me to cold laser therapy and keeping me out of the operating room.” – Bill, Toronto, ON