Clinical Studies

Over 4,000 clinical studies worldwide have examined the use of therapeutic lasers in healthcare applications, proving the benefits of this highly effective, non-invasive, and pain-free treatment alternative for a wide range of nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. Theralase® has also conducted a number of controlled studies that demonstrate the clinical effectiveness, safety, and versatility of low-level laser therapy. To learn more about low-level laser therapy can help your patients eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing, please read the studies below.

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Authors: Jamie Fong, Kamola Kasimova, Yaxal Arenas, Pavel Kaspler, Savo Lazic, Arkady Mandel, Lothar Lilge
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Authors: Huimin Yin, Mat Stephenson, Jordan Gibson, Eric Sampson, Ge Shi, Tariq Sainuddin, Susan Monro, Sherri A. McFarland
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Authors: Mat Stephenson, Christian Reichardt,Mitch Pinto, Maria Wächtler, Tariq Sainuddin, Ge Shi, Huimin Yin, Susan Monro, Eric Sampson, Benjamin Dietzek, Sherri A.…
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Authors: Ge Shi, Susan Monroa, Robie Hennigar, Julie Colpitts, Jamie Fong, Kamola Kasimova, Huimin Yin, Ryan DeCoste, Colin Spencer, Lance Chamberlain, Arkady…
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Authors: Yaxal Arenas, Susan Morno, Ge Shi, Arkady Mandel, Sherri McFarland, Lothar Lilge
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Authors: Christian Reichardt, Mitch Pinto, Maria Wächtler, Mat Stephenson, Stephan Kupfer, Tariq Sainuddin, Julien Guthmuller∥, Sherri A. McFarland, Benjamin Dietzek
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Authors: Lincoln, Kohler, Monro, Yin, Stephenson, Zong, Chouai, Dorsey, Hennigar, Thummel, McFarland
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Authors: Kaspler, Lazic, Forward, Arenas, Mandel, Lilge
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Authors: Alvin A. Holder, David F. Zigler, Maria T. Tarrago-Trani, Brian Storrie, and Karen J. Brewer
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Authors: Lam LK , Cheing GL
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Authors: Fernando A Soriano, Roxana Rios, Miguel Pedrola, Jaquelelina Giagnorio, Carlos R Battagliotti
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Author: Giuseppe Tam MD
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Authors: Arkady Mandel, Michael R. Hamblin
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Authors: Arkady Mandel, Jamie Fong, Lothar Lilge
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Authors: Yuma Moriyama, Jacqueline Nguyen, Margarete Akens, Eduardo H. Moriyama, Lothar Lilge
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Authors: Nelson Marquina, Roger Dumoulin-White, Arkady Mandel and Lothar Lilge
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Authors: Rhonda Mostyn, Roger Dumoulin-White, Kristina Hachey, Arkady Mandel
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