The New Gold Standard in Therapeutic Laser Therapy


How it Works

Delivers Energy Deep into Tissue

Theralase® dual-wavelength therapeutic lasers activate three cellular pathways:

 Eliminate Pain 

905 nm Lipid Absorption Pathway

Theralase®  laser technology effectively removes the pain signal at source by rebalancing the sodium potassium pathway. (Harvard Medical School, 2010)

 Reduce Inflammation 

905 nm Nitric Oxide Pathway

Independent research proves that the proprietary Theralase®  905nm superpulsed laser technology increases the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) by over 700%, increasing vasodilation and decreasing inflammation versus other competitive wavelengths. (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2009)

 Accelerate Healing 

660 nm Adenosine Triphosphate Pathway

Theralase®  stimulates the mitochondria of the cell to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP or basic cell energy) to accelerate tissue repair. (Proceedings of the International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015)

Unlike class 4 lasers, which generate excessive heat and are classified by the FDA as a “heating device” (ILY), Theralase® lasers are classified as “non-heating instruments” (NHN). This reflects the fact that their bio-stimulation effects do not produce heating of tissue. 

Challenges with Laser Therapy

In accordance with the Laws of Photochemistry, to provide the highest efficacy the laser therapy device must: 

  1. Provide light of the correct wavelength
  2. Penetrate tissue to the required depth
  3. Deliver the required dose of light to the tissue of interest
  4. Stimulate a biological response (photobiology)

Every patient’s body is different. Even for the same condition being treated, the depth that the laser must penetrate before it reaches the target tissue can vary significantly from one patient to another. Additionally, each patient has a unique optical profile. An optical profile is determined by skin colour, subcutaneous fat, muscle content, bone density, water hydration levels, oxygen perfusion, and vascular density. Each patient’s profile is unique and may change over time due to physical exercise, and dietary reasons. Taking both into consideration, the difference in the actual dose of light received at the target tissue can vary up to 10,000 times between patients.

When we refer to patients we mean: humans, pets, equine, other animals.

What if:

We could accurately predict the target tissue depth for the specific diagnosis of each individual patient?

We could accurately measure light energy loss in the patient’s tissue at the time of treatment?

We could adjust the power of laser output accordingly to compensate for the light energy loss during tissue penetration?


We could deliver an optimal dose of energy to the target tissue at depth, to achieve maximum treatment efficacy, and personalize the treatment for each patient.

TLC-2000 Features and Benefits

Benefits of Non-Thermal Lasers

Over 100 Treatable Conditions*

  • Decrease / eliminate pain 
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote new blood vessels and tissue growth
  • Promote nerve axon growth
  • Fast wound healing and closure
  • Non-invasive / no side effects
  • Extremely safe / drug free
  • Highly effective for patient (90% efficacy rates)
  • Highly effective alternative to other treatments: such as Analgesics, NSAID’s, COX-2 Inhibitors, TENS, Ultrasound, Inferential therapy

* Theralase® cold laser therapy systems have been approved by both Health Canada and the FDA for the safe and effective treatment of pain associated with chronic knee conditions. While over 4,000 clinical studies worldwide have proven the efficacy of cold laser technologies in treating a host of other conditions, Theralase® lasers have not received explicit approval for these applications. In-clinic treatment of other conditions is at the sole discretion of the healthcare practitioner.  

Partnering to Grow Your Practice

In addition to providing you our latest cutting-edge technology, Theralase will partner with you to help you deliver superior treatment outcomes for your patients and grow your business.

  • Training for all clinic staff 
  • Technical support by Internet remote access 
  • Full coverage product warranty 
  • Software updates and upgrades 
  • Treatment algorithm updates based on feedback from every healthcare practitioner using the Theralase system in their practice 
  • Customized patient education materials for your clinic 
  • Prominent, customizable profile of your clinic on Theralase’s online Clinic Locator 
  • Mass media campaign to increase awareness of laser therapy and drive new patients to your clinic through the Theralase Clinic Locator