Our Laser Systems

TLC-1000 Series

Healing at the Speed of Light®

Theralase® therapeutic laser systems have received full clearance by all major regulatory agencies for adjunctive use in pain therapy.  Its effectiveness as a cool laser therapy ("CLT") medical device has been demonstrated through successful patient treatments in healthcare clinics around the world, supported by evidence established through over 4,000 clinical studies.  An example of this evidence was a clinical study ("Laser Therapy Applications for Chronic Joint Pain") submitted to the FDA by Theralase® Technologies to demonstrate the application of laser therapy for chronic joint pain.   This randomized placebo controlled clinical trial was completed with the objective of evaluating  the Theralase® medical device as an adjunctive modality to standard treatment for knee pain using chiropractic techniques.  The data obtained in the study clearly demonstrated that the Theralase® therapeutic laser provided significant relief and improvement in all of the primary evaluation criteria from chronic pain associated with knee disorders.

TLC-1000 Configurations

Theralase® superpulsed 905 nanometer (nm) near infrared and 660 nanometer (nm) visible red laser technology accelerates healing by reducing pain and inflammation while staying below the Maximal Permissible Exposure (MPE) tolerance for tissue. 

TLC-1000 Controller

  • Portable light weight design.
  • Battery operated (rechargeable)
  • Real time beam detector measures the amount of actual output power emitted from the probe tip
  • Able to change Average Power & Frequency
  • Able to change Treatment Time
  • Displays treatments in your preferred units of measure (Energy or Energy Density)
  • Retains up to 256 patient protocols in memory

TLC-900 Multiple Probe

  • 5x905 nm near infrared
  • 100 mW average power
  • 50,000 mW peak power
  • 4x660 nM visible red
  • 25mW average power
  • Treatment area size: 20 cm2

TLC-300 Triple Probe

  • 1x905 nm near infrared
  • 100 mW average power
  • 50,000 mW peak power
  • 2x660 nM visible red
  • 25mW average power
  • Treatment area size: 3 cm2

TLC-100 Single Probe

  • 1x905 nm near infrared: (collimated)
  • 100 mW average power
  • 50,000 mW peak power
  • Treatment area size: 0.1cm2

Theralase® TLC-1000 Series includes hard case, 2 pair of protective glasses and Operation Manuals