A Sound Investment in Medical Treatment Technology

An investment in Theralase is an investment in the cutting edge of advanced medical treatment technology. A solid reputation built on advanced research and development, an experienced management team and proven patented technology make Theralase an investment with unlimited potential. See what analysts have said.

Why Invest

Proven clinical technology TLC 1000

Proven track record over 21 years

Competitive technical advantage

Large addressable US market ($ billions)

IP protection (multiple issued patents)

Experienced management team (+20 years)

Clear vision and execution strategy


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Business Objectives

Backed by proven technology and knowledgeable and experienced management, Theralase has developed a solid business strategy with ambitious yet achievable objectives.

Expansion into US market

Launch of TLC 2000 Biofeedback Therapeutic Laser

Commence TLC 3000 and PDC small animal in vivo pre-clinical trial for cancer


Investor Fact Sheet

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Growth Strategy

There are a number of US market segments that provide substantial potential for growth, which include:

MDs (950,000)

Dentists (180,000)ack Therapeutic Laser

Physical Therapists (150,000)

Chiropractors (75,000)

Veterinarians (70,000)

Athletic Therapists (20,000)

Sports/University Organizations (5,000)