Why Invest in Theralase® Technologies Inc.?


Theralase®  Technologies Inc. is leading laser innovation in the medical technology field. Our patented laser-activated photo dynamic compounds have shown tremendous promise as anti-cancer treatments for a number of cancer indications. TLD-1433, our lead compound, is currently at the clinical trial stage for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. At the same time, our therapeutic lasers are the most clinically and scientifically supported in the market, and the trusted choice of health care professionals around the globe.

Proven Technology

Over 4,000 clinical studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of low-level laser therapy for the treatment of numerous nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. Patented light-activated photo dynamic compounds have achieved proof-of-principle for numerous cancer indications.

Strong Intellectual Property

Theralase® has been issued 13 patents for cancer and therapeutic applications, and has an additional 24 patents currently pending.

Clinical Stage Company

Our patented TLD-1433 photo dynamic compound is currently at Stage 1b clinical trials for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Experienced Management Team 

Our experienced management team has partnered with leading scientists from renowned research hospitals and academic institutions to develop cutting-edge technologies to fight cancer and manage pain.

Proven Track Record of Success

For over 20 years, Theralase® has set the standard for laser innovation in the health care sector.

Near-Term Milestones

Clinical trials for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer are progressing, and we are investigating commencing another Stage 1b clinical trial for an additional cancer indication.

Investor Presentations

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Using Lasers to Heal Pain and Treat Cancer

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