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All Companion Animals and Equine Human Practitioners
On Royal Decree, a 2yr old trotting colt: "I definitely noticed decreased inflammation in a shorter amount of time. All my other treatment protocols had been followed as per usual and we had never seen healing at that speed before".
Blair Burgess
Horse Trainer, Winner of the Hambletonian (2006) and The Little Brown Jug (2007)
"The Theralase laser system quickly doubled my referrals within a few weeks. Initially I used it to complement my other treatment modalities including ultrasound and electrotherapy. I have recently upgraded to a more powerful system and now use it as a stand alone therapy that has replaced all other modalities. I’m averaging 200 laser treatments per month. The cost of the upgrade was offset within 3 months" 
Dr. Albert Scales
Chiropractor, St. Cahterines, Ontario
"I was interested in what the laser could do for lameness rehabilitation, both soft tissue & orthopedic injuries, including post surgical rehabilitation; it has proved to be a wonderful adjunct for repair, in many cases obviating the need for NSAID’s."
Dr. BJ Beresford
DVM, Amaranth Animal Hospital, Grand Valley, Ontario
"Our rehab specialists have reported outstanding success when using the Theralase therapeutic laser system for rehabilitation of certain knee, shoulder, elbow and other neuro muscular skeletal conditions. The Theralase laser is now a standard of care treatment methodology within our rehab clinics and is a great tool in helping our athletes return to competition" 
Dr. James Andrews
MD, Internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine expert, Birmingham, Alabama
"The Theralase laser is the most cutting-edge therapeutic laser on the market and has been a wonderful addition to my veterinarian practice. It provides superb safety and high efficacy to my canine and feline patients by providing pain relief, inflammation reduction and accelerated healing in just a few treatments. I routinely use it post surgically with excellent results. The first time I acquired the technology I used it on a cat with an injured tail and after just one treatment, the cat was pain-free and holding his tail high. Amazing. I also find it dramatically helps in marketing my clinic and differentiating my clinic from my competitors thus allowing me to advertise laser therapy without having the burden of purchasing a surgical grade laser. Overall, I can say that I am impressed with the company and the technology. Do yourself and your clinic a favour, get a Theralase"
Dr. Kent Ackerman
DVM, King West Vets, Toronto, Ontario
"We have been using the Theralase laser in our veterinary surgical referral practice for almost one year. We have been very impressed by both its wound healing abilities and efficacy in management of chronic pain from osteoarthritis. Additionally, tolerance in our small animal patients is excellent" 
Dr. Krista Halling
DVM, Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Oakville, Ontario
"As a chronic pain specialist, the most advanced laser I have used is the Theralase therapeutic laser system, with which I have treated over 1,000 patients."
Dr. Laurence Altshuler
MD, Physician and Chronic Pain Specialist, Balanced Healing Medical Center, Oklahoma City
"The Theralase laser has been an exciting new addition to our practice. Chiropractors remove obstructions to healing and the Theralase laser further accelerates that process. It has far exceeded my expectations!"
Dr. Marlene Turner
Chiropractor, Ontario, Canada
"I see a lot of repetitive strain injuries due to the fact that I work with the Metro Toronto Police Force, Students of the National Ballet School, and Cirque de Soleil cast members. I have utilized the laser on a broad range of injuries from a strained hip flexor muscle, and rotator cuff tendonitis to calcaneal plantar fasciitis. The laser is very easy to operate, and does not tie me to the patient as I simply set the system in place for treatment and then am able to confer with other patients. I would highly recommend the Theralase therapeutic laser system to any health care professional in the field of rehabilitation."
Dr. Michael Austin
MCI The Doctor’s Office, Full Service Medical Clinic, Toronto, Ontario
"The Theralase is able to increase efficacy, provide superior clinical outcomes and allow for faster return to competition for many equine athletes. The Theralase works extremely well at reducing pain and inflammation, working on numerous soft tissue injuries, such as: muscles, tendons and ligaments."
Dr. Terry Ruch
DVM, Barrie Equine Clinic, Innisfil, Ontario
"I have utilized the Theralase therapeutic laser system since June 1999 for the purpose of tissue repair and wound healing. I have been very impressed with the outcomes observed and I feel that the technology has been a great benefit to my clients. My patients have reported a significant reduction in pain and reduction in local swelling as I have observed an accelerated closure of their wounds. I highly recommend the Theralase therapeutic laser as an effective tool in total wound care management."
Elizabeth Daw Ryder
Physical Therapist, Wound Care Management and Pain Reduction, York Region, Ontario
  "The Theralase laser is the most effective technology we have ever used. Our players now rely on Theralase to keep them healthy and playing at their peak." 
George Poulis & Dave Abraham
Athletic Trainers, Toronto Blue Jays, Canada
"I drove Raising Rhonda one week prior to her laser treatments and she locked on the left line and finished seven wide in the stretch. Next week after 4 laser treatments, I saw a dramatic difference in her steering as she drove straight as an arrow and finished second."
Jack Moiseyev
Standardbred Driver, Moffat, Ontario
"The Theralase therapeutic medical laser system is one of the best therapies for rehabilitation of athletes that I have ever used. It has helped a lot of my athletes."
Joe Douglas
Santa Monica Track Club Coach
"I love the Theralase medical laser system and use it in our clinic at least 20 times per day. Theralase is great for healing soft-tissue injuries, damaged articular cartilage, ligament, muscle and tendon lesions – pretty much any muscular skeletal condition that I see at Champion Sports Medicine. I really love the Theralase medical laser system, my patients love it, and I highly recommend it to patients and practitioners alike."
Kevin Wilk
Physical Therapist, Champion Sports, Birmingham, Alabama
"If you're not using the Theralase cold laser, then you're not winning!" 
Rick Zeron
Winner of the 2010 O'Brien Award For Horsemanship, Oakville, Ontario

Dr. Kel Sherkin uses Theralase laser in his practice to help patients "live pain free with healthy feet".

Dr. Kel Sherkin, Podiatrist & Foot Specialist
Scarborough, Ontario -

Dr. Adrienne McRuvie shares thoughts and insights about Theralase laser, both personal and in practice.

"I can't say enough about the amazing results we've been getting from Theralase...I've found conditions that are harder to treat and its made practice a whole lot easier".

Dr. Adrienne McRuvie, Chiropractor
Oma Chiropractic, Toronto -