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"I feel compelled to let it be known how successful Laser Therapy has been in reducing swelling and pain of Osteo-Arthritis in my right hand and fingers. During the past years, I have been prescribed many medications, none of which reduced the swelling and pain satisfactorily. After four to five sessions of Laser Therapy, there was an extremely noticeable reduction in swelling. It was now almost pain free and because of the increased flexibility of my fingers, I was able to resume activities which for a long time had not been possible. The Laser Therapy sessions are quick and completely painless and do not have the dangerous side effects I had previously experienced with medications."
Nancy Sullican, Osteoarthritis
"I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 33 years. During this time there have been many fears and much pain associated with them. I have taken just about every arthritis drug on the market and over time built up on immunity to their effectiveness. Over eight months ago the relief I had experienced with infusion medication stopped suddenly. The pain came back with great force and settled in my hands and wrists. I could not open doors, turn on faucets or lift everyday objects. My rheumatologist prescribed powerful pain medications and eventually started a new infusion drug. I experienced temporary and only limited relief until through friends. I found out about the cold laser therapy treatments administered by Lou Banas. After three sessions my hands and wrists were essentially pain free and I could again do the things I had not been able to do in eight months. This treatment is simple, non-invasive, affordable and painless. I could certainly recommend this is anyone seeking pain relief."
Barbara Hemphill, Rheumatoid Arthritis
"Cold Laser Therapy worked in my case. I am a skeptic. A very very confirmed skeptic. I also have sinus problems. In Nov. 2008 it got so bad, I made several trips to my physician, took prescription antibiotics and Symbicort so I could breath. All caused by a sinus drip that got so heavy it clogged my throat while sleeping, caused painful and blood filled cough, and drove me nuts. This past November, my friend Lou said to me, why don’t you try this Laser therapy on your sinuses. For free. I believe it will help you. When it does, all I ask is you tell people your story and print mine. What can I say. After years of late fall early winter sinusitis I have been breathing free and clear every single day for 17 weeks. This is something that should be investigated. I’m confident my sinus problem have been cured, I will be extremely disappointed if next November if I am unable to get a good night’s sleep once again."
Michael R. Wrona, Sinusitis
Amherst, New York
"My name is Elsie Harris and about 14 years ago, I had a severe case of shingles on part of my face. Although the shingles healed, I was left with terrible facial pain which I would rate on a scale of 8 out of 10. I met Dr. Bansal, my Pain Management Doctor for a separate problem but then I asked her about the laser for my face. She agreed we should try it. You must understand, I have been to several neurologists and even neurosurgeons to try to eliminate my pain but they could recommend nothing. I am so happy to report that after the first treatment my pain almost 50 per cent better! I did a total of 7 treatments with cold laser and my pain level has diminished to a 1 or 2! I can sleep better and my quality of life is so much better. I would recommend this to everyone."
Elsie Harris, Facial, Shingles Pain (post herpetic neuralgia)
Akron, New York
"My name is Monique Mcnaughton and I was injured 8 years ago at work driving a fork lift and was seriously jarred. I had two level fusions in my neck. I have had several years of Physical Therapy before and after the surgery with limited success for my headaches which were my chief compliant which I endured since 2001. After the second sessions of cold laser therapy, I noticed that the headache was diminished. After my 12 sessions of therapy, my headaches are rare (I used to have them 3-4 times per week). I can sleep better and I now take my pain pills only when needed. In addition, my range of motion has increased by 80 per cent. I am very happy; I was introduced to this new procedure. I am telling all my friends about it."
Monique McNaughton, Neck Pain
Fredonia, New York
"Twelve years ago I was rear ended in a car accident. The whiplash that resulted caused my neck to stiffen over time. I found it difficult to turn my neck from side to side when I drove and to look up at the ball when I served in tennis. A business associate gave me the Theralase patient pamphlet, which described the conditions that the Theralase can treat, how safe the Theralase laser is and how effective the laser Theralase laser is. When I read the pamphlet, I learned that not only could I get my injured neck treated, but also the pain from arthritis that was starting in my fingers and knees. From the time that I was treated with the Theralase laser, the pain in my fingers had subsided. After the second or third treatment, turning my neck became more supple and workable. By the sixth treatment, I had no trouble looking up at the tennis ball when I served and most importantly, I felt a lot safer when I drove, because I could turn my neck from side to side. I would strongly recommend the Theralase laser treatment to someone who is suffering from pain stiffness and restricted movement as a result of whiplash, arthritis or strenuous activity."
Glen Telfer, Neck Pain
Investment Advisor
"About 12 years ago I fell coming down some steps. As a result of the fall, I dislocated my left shoulder and fractured my lower humerus. The shoulder was splinted from the top of the fingers to the top of the shoulder. After the splint was removed, I had a great amount of physiotherapy and even acupuncture, but the shoulder continued to be achy. I found it difficult to rest my weight on my arm when I sat at my desk. I constantly felt like I carried a 100 lb. weight on my shoulder. I endured the pain and discomfort for 12 years, until recently. A few months ago, a friend suggested I should try Theralase low level laser therapy. After a consultation with their Chiropractor and Physiotherapist, I received 6 treatments with 905 nm, 100 mW near infrared laser at the Theralase Pain and Arthritis Centre. By the 6th treatment, my shoulder felt normal. There was absolutely no heat sensation or discomfort during the treatments and the treatments were only a few minutes long. It has been a couple of month since my last treatment and my shoulder continues to feel just fine. The experience has been like a miracle."
John A. Murphy, Shoulder Pain
Chartered Accountant
"For the last 4 years I have been functioning at about 65% due to back pain. In the last 2 months, since going for laser treatments and therapy, I am back to about 90% already. Dr. Hildebrand takes the time to really listen and assess the cause of the problem so that you get the maximum benefits from your treatments. Thanks to Theralase I have my life back again!"
Cathy Grant, Back Pain
Insurance Adjuster
"During a snowmobile accident in December 2002, I fractured my scaphold (wrist) bone. Initially, my wrist was wrapped in tensors. After 6 weeks, the wrist continued to be very sore and was put in a cast for another 6 weeks. Following the removal of the cast, x-rays showed that the bone had healed beautifully, but the pain had not subsided. Light exercises did not help much. I had lost mobility of the hand and I could not do a single push-up. When accidentally, I put my hand under my pillow, in my sleep, I awoke from excruciating pain. The prognosis I got from the doctors was that it normally takes one year for the scaphoid bone to heal. In September of 2003, a friend suggested that I speak to Theralase, who use a low level laser therapy in their clinic to reduce pain and promote the healing of fractured bones. Even though I had to drive from Brampton to Markham (60 km) I decided to try this non –invasive, non thermal treatment. After the 3rd or 4th treatment, I started to be able to bend my wrist back. After the 10th treatment, I had regained 90% of the mobility of my wrist. Each treatment was not longer than 5 to 10 minutes and there was absolutely no sensation of heat or discomfort, while I was being treated. It is now 3 months since I completed the treatments. I have started my regular activities including my push-ups. I wish I had started the treatments sooner, because I would not have suffered the pain and lack of mobility of my wrist for so long. I am also told that the healing would have been faster if I had my laser treatments started sooner after the cast was removed. I fully recommend the Theralase low level laser treatment to anyone who has suffered a bone fracture and who continues to be in pain and loss of mobility after the cast has done its job."
Randy Bruder, Wrist Pain
Business Manager
"I had to withdraw from the Rogers Masters in Montréal due to a severe abdominal muscle strain. For the next two weeks, I had two laser treatments per day with the Theralase 1000 cluster laser, which accelerated the tissue healing and reduced the pain. In the next two tournaments I was runner-up at the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters at Cincinnati and I then clinched the Pilot Pen Tennis at New Haven. Theralase laser treatments were very helpful in accelerating my recovery time."
James Blake, Abdominal Muscle Strain
Tennis Player, Ranked #14 professional tennis player in the world in 2007
"I have been a high school football coach for 29 years. Most of our athletes, at one time or another, sustain a variety of injuries that required attention and often time include time off to recuperate. Mr. Banas has recently treated six of our varsity players with cold laser therapy. These treatments and results as reported to me are as follows: Our starting tackle had a high ankle injury and was in pain; he was able to practice after the second treatment. He has had four treatments in all and claims 95% improvement. Another tackle (a college pitching prospect) reported to me that after a single four-minute treatment his chronic elbow problem was completely resolved. He also had a tight back and after a five-minute procedure he was able to touch his toes. This is something he was unable to do prior to the procedure. A linebacker was complaining of shoulder pain for several days. After a five-minute procedure he said he was pain free. Another tackle had a thigh injury that was preventing him from getting into full stance. After a five-minute treatment he claimed he was much better. Our kicker had tendonitis in his ankle; he informed me that he was 90% better after two treatments and kicked impressively after that. My strong safety had a very sore right lower back as a result of helmet contact. He could not run at full speed. He required only one ten-minute treatment and said he felt fully recovered. I have consulted with these six players after their treatments and all feel that the treatment have contributed to their recovery."
Dan Troy, Athletes Injuries
Highschool Football Coach
"The laser helped my pulled quad before racing. Not having the Theralase therapeutic medical laser system for treatment is like Superman forgetting to put on his cape."
Johnny Grey, Quad Pain
Track and Field Olympian, Four time Olympian and Medalist (800 meter track and field event)
"I use the Theralase laser to keep my throwing arm healthy. It reduces fatigue and allows me to play at my peak game after game after game."
Roy Halladay
Baseball Player (2003 Cy Young Award)

Sensei Wilfred Seerattan suffering from work related shoulder pain, has found Theralase® low level laser treatments very beneficial and recommends Theralase® to others.

Sensei Wilfred Seerattan, 5th Dan Black Belt
Toronto JKA Karate (Toronto Japanese Karate Association), Ontario -