Evening Seminars 2019

Laser Focused on Your Success: Theory, Application & Business Acceleration

Theralase® seminars are designed to empower clinicians with the requisite knowledge for evidence-based practice. They present, in lay terms, an in-depth understanding of the biophysics, photochemistry, and photobiology of therapeutic light, the rationale for treatment, the indications and contraindications for laser therapy, and guidelines for effective utilization of therapeutic lasers in tissue repair and pain control. Expert clinical utilization of therapeutic light and low-intensity laser devices demands a clear understanding of the biophysics of light-tissue interaction, the rationale for treatment, and the treatment parameters that yield desired results.


Upon completion of the seminar, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the science (i.e.: biophysical and physiological effects) of low-level lasers;
  • Understand the key parameters that make a laser device effective;
  • Offer a scientific rationale for treating various clinical conditions;
  • Comprehend the indications and contraindications of therapeutic light, and safety considerations in clinical practice;
  • Understand the business benefits and practical strategies to incorporating laser therapy into clinical practice; and
  • Participate in a hands-on workshop.

Note: These seminars are designed for non-Theralase TLC-2000 users.

Seminar Speakers

Dr. Elizabeth Angelevski, B.Sc., D.C.

Director of Clinical Education and Training

Dr. Angelevski is the Director of Clinical Education and Training at Theralase and runs a successful clinic at the Theralase Pain Therapy Clinic. She has a keen professional interest in helping patients achieve optimal health and well-being through the use of laser therapy. She is dedicated to improving their quality of life through laser treatment programs that are specifically designed for each patient. Dr. Angelevski strongly believes that education is an essential component. Therefore, each patient is guided to effectively manage and prevent the condition from recurring.

Kipton Lade, CEO Device Division

Chief Executive Officer – Device Division

25+ years of global experience developing and launching new medical devices, through the execution of strategic sales and marketing plans. Mr. Lade holds degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

Kyle Shantz, Director of Global Sales

Director of Global Sales

Nathan Loder, National Sales Manager

National Sales Manager

2019 Seminar Schedule
Evening Seminars are over for the year of 2019. Stay tuned for the 2020 dates announcement!
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November 2019
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If you can't make it to the seminar, please see the list of the upcoming webinars. Taking as short as 15-30 min on average, they cover various informative topics regarding cool laser therapy and the evidence behind its use.