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My name is Crystel Figaro and I am the ‘new’ Director of Marketing at Theralase. I say ‘new’ because I started my tenure back in October 2016, but in some ways, I still feel like a shiny new penny as I learn something new at Theralase every single day.

So, what has the Marketing Department been working on for the past several months? You may have seen – and hopefully attended – a number of our educational events, both Seminars and Webinars that we have been hosting. For those that missed our first Webinar of the year which was on the topic of Key Strategies to Incorporating Laser Therapy into Clinical Practice – after all, our primary audience is practitioners who are busy helping their patients – we are pleased that we can now direct anyone who may be interested to access the Webinar recording. (And if you missed our notifications on the next Webinar in our educational series, it is scheduled for next Thursday (4th May) at 12:30pm (EST) and will be on the topic of 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Class 4 Lasers, But Need To!). We are always pleased to have our events supported by some prominent Guest Speakers, and in this case, our next Webinar will feature:

Matthieu Gatineau, one of the Veterinary Surgeons at the DMV Center, an emergency services and specialized medical care center for companion animals throughout the Greater Montreal Region which treats over 25,000 cases annually;

James Gregg, (D.C) who is renowned not only for his Chiropractic, Wellness Counselling and Sports Therapy services, but also as a regional and international speaker; and..

Lothar Lilge, (PhD) who is a Senior Scientist at one of the top three medical teaching hospitals in the world, Princess Margaret Hospital, UHN

Furthermore, Theralase is always pleased to lend our support to industry events. We have attended a number of key events already this year, and are looking forward to several more that we are scheduled to attend, not least of all the Canadian Podiatric Conference, which is coordinated by Dr. Hartley Miltchin, formerly the President of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association, and which is scheduled to be held right here in Toronto in the Fall. At this event, we are pleased to feature our Guest Speaker, Dr. Ben Sefcik (DPM), who will be presenting on the topic Treating Acute and Chronic Foot Conditions with Laser Therapy.

I am so excited to be here, working with the Theralase family to educate audiences about the power of laser therapy as a drug-free, safe and effective way to stimulate our body’s own natural healing mechanisms. In the few short months that I have been here, I have heard so many powerful stories about how our technology have literally changed people’s lives. I truly believe that more persons need to know about Theralase laser therapy as an incredible modality for pain management, inflammation and healing. The Marketing team is working on so many resources to share some of those powerful stories with you – not only with practitioners who need to know about the power of this modality to help them more effectively treat their patients, but also for patients who need to know that all of us experience pain at some time or another, and there is a better, safer way to get your health restored and gain your life back.

Watch this space for more to come!

Crystel Figaro, Director of Marketing

Theralase Technologies Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For more on helping improve athletes’ recovery times, and other pain management techniques using laser therapy, please register for our 6-part Webinar series which starts on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

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