AntiCancer Technology

Theralase® activities in research and development are organized into two principal divisions presented below. One of the strategies in the general healthcare segment is to continue the development of the anti- microbial PDT portfolio for infection control & sterilization. This strategy is based on a strong and comprehensive platform of intellectual property in Photo Dynamic Therapy.


Therapeutic Laser Technology

The Therapeutic Laser Technology (TLT) Division, which focuses on the development and commercialization of laser-based biomodulation, a non-invasive reparative biomedical platform technology targeting tissue inflammation, degeneration and pain. The FDA, Health Canada and CE have approved our core advanced therapeutic laser technology.


Photo Dynamic Therapy 

Theralase® develops advanced pharmaceutical products and medical devices based on proprietary non-immunosuppressive photodynamic technology, targeting key health care and oncology markets. The strategy is to build a specialty Biopharma company by developing and commercializing new and innovative products based on its patented photodynamic compounds, lasers, drug and light delivery systems, personalized and a patient specific platform technologies. The strategy in oncology is to continue the research & development of the anti-cancer portfolio, with transition metal –based Photodynamic Compounds (DDCs) and other new anti-cancer products, and build a commercial platform in Canada and US for clinical use worldwide.

Theralase® Bladder Cancer Clinical Studies

Theralase® is currently enrolling for a Phase Ib Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Clinical Study. Theralase® is listed on

For patients wishing to inquire about enrolling in the study or practitioners wishing to enroll their patients please fill out the following form: