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Theralase® Technologies Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Toronto, Canada focused on the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of patented laser technology platforms used in a wide range of bio-stimulative and bio-destructive clinical applications in patients.

Founded in 1994, Theralase’s operations are divided into two divisions: the production of therapeutic laser technology for commercial applications, and the research and development of laser-based technologies for the destruction of cancer cells and other disease states. The Therapeutic Laser Technology division is focused on the development and commercialization of laser-based non-invasive therapeutic devices to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate tissue healing. The Photo Dynamic Therapy division is focused on the discovery and development of small, light-activated molecules and companion laser systems that activate them with high anti-cancer effectiveness, microbial sterilization potency, and bacterial infection control.

The Therapeutic Laser Technology division currently produces more than 25 models of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices that are utilized by practitioners in healthcare clinics around the world. Theralase® patented superpulsed laser devices are clinically indicated and cleared by global regulatory bodies for the treatment of chronic knee pain, and in off-label use, the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation, and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing for numerous nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. Theralase® is the most clinically and scientifically supported therapeutic medical laser on the market, and is committed to providing cutting-edge pre-clinical and clinical research. Our customers receive the most advanced therapeutic laser technology on the market, supported by superior customer service, interactive training, and the most up-to-date clinical protocols to ensure the success of their practice.

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The Photo Dynamic Therapy division focuses on the discovery of small, light-activated molecules and the development of laser systems that target and destroy cancer cells, control bacterial infections, and promote microbial sterilization.  Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDCs) are drugs that are cytotoxic (cell killing) when exposed to light at specific wavelengths and power levels. Theralase® photo dynamic compounds can be activated by a wide range of laser wavelengths and function effectively regardless of the oxygenation level present in the tissue under treatment, a unique and advantageous feature when dealing with cancerous tissue and certain bacteria that thrive in low oxygenated tissues. Theralase® has partnered with the world-renowned Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada on a Phase 1B clinical trial of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer using our lead photo dynamic compound. 

Theralase’s TLD-1433 photo dynamic compound has proven to be highly toxic to bladder cancer cells when activated by light, producing a 100% kill rate at very low concentrations.

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