Did you know laser light therapy is a powerful modality for pain management, tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation, post-surgical recovery and so much more?

We are bringing a series of educational tours to practitioners in cities across Canada and the US. 

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Seminar Objectives*

  • Learn the history and science behind laser therapy
  • Hear from numerous practitioners about how laser therapy increases treatment efficacy
  • Learn about the business benefits and practical strategies of incorporating laser therapy into your clinical practice
  • Experience our hands-on laser therapy workshop
  • Earn CE credits
  • Enjoy our networking event: your chance to mingle with fellow peers and current users of therapeutic laser technology
       CANADA                       USA          


Confirmed Seminars:

check-mark-orangeTORONTO  25 March 2017

full day seminar  Learn more >


check-mark-orangeMONTREAL  29 March 2017   c0644e00-0a68-424f-9eff-82ab8d76f16e_fit_500_x-jpg   Learn more >

 evening seminar                               screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-5-15-07-pm   Savoir plus  >   


check-mark-orangeMONTREAL  30 March 2017  c0644e00-0a68-424f-9eff-82ab8d76f16e_fit_500_x-jpg   Learn more >

vet evening seminar                         screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-5-15-07-pm   Savoir plus  >


check-mark-orangeKITCHENER  5 April 2017

evening seminar  Learn more >


check-mark-orangeEDMONTON  21 April 2017

evening seminar  Details soon 


check-mark-orangeHAMILTON  20 Sept. 2017

evening seminar  Details soon 


check-mark-orangeQUEBEC CITY  20 Sept. 2017  c0644e00-0a68-424f-9eff-82ab8d76f16e_fit_500_x-jpg   Learn more >

evening seminar                                 screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-5-15-07-pm   Savoir plus  >


check-mark-orangeQUEBEC CITY  26 Oct. 2017  c0644e00-0a68-424f-9eff-82ab8d76f16e_fit_500_x-jpg   Learn more >

vet evening seminar                        screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-5-15-07-pm   Savoir plus  >


check-mark-orangeREGINA  14 November 2017

evening seminar   Details soon 


Confirmed seminars:


coming soon!



Roadshow 1st stop:

Toronto March 25, 2017
The first stop of our 2017 "Healing at the Speed of Light" tour is already underway!

Learn more and Register now >

       CANADA                       USA          


Soon to be confirmed in Canada:


London: 10 May 2017

Halifax: May 2017

Vancouver: May 2017

Calgary: 3 June 2017

Saskatoon: June 2017

Barrie: June 2017

Windsor: 8 June 2017

Ottawa: 13 September 2017

Peterborough: September 2017

Kingston: October 2017

Richmond Hill: October 2017

Laval: 8 November 2017



Soon to be confirmed in United States:


Orange County: March 2017

Chicago: April 2017

Los Angeles: April 2017

St. Louis: May 2017

Orange County: July 2017

Los Angeles: September 2017

Indianapolis: October 2017

Milwaukee: November 2017


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*Seminar Agenda may vary from city to city

**Dates are tentative and subject to change